Live Reviews:   

- w/ IRK, MAUSOLEON, MAGNAPINNA @ Packhorse, Leeds - 25.11.14
"...drummers Steve Myles and Anthony Bedford thrash the music mercilessly and Tom Goodale’s bass bucks, roars and screams over the top. It’s thrilling...who needs melody and subtlety when you can have your brains blasted like this?"
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- Yorkshire Riffer w/ EAGLE TWIN @Eiger Studios, Leeds - 26.04.14
"...Their twin drummer and shuddering bass assault possessed of a level of purpose and  attack I’d not heard before" - Steve Walsh, Vibrations Mag
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"...With the strong distorted bass grooves and the intricate subtleties of the building layers of rhythm, an easy reference to the likes of Nomeansno meets the Melvins.  The vocals are heavily effected and add to a swirling off-the-wall alternative experimental mood that is moreish." - Link 2 Wales
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- w/ TRUE WIDOW @ The Brudenell Social Club, Leeds - 07.04.14
"...When the distortion kicks in, they evoke a flavour of early Big Business, but what is most appealing is the fact that this band feels totally unique, inimitable..." - The Sludgelord
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- w/ BONG CAULDRON, SUNWOLF @ Eiger Studios, Leeds - 13.12.13
"...The percussive clatter provides the perfect foil for the direct and emphatic bass with the ghostly distorted vocal contributions adding a nightmarish quality. Scary, but at the same time weirdly funky." - Vibrations Mag
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- GNAW festival, Newcastle w/ PALEHORSE, TIDE OF IRON - 16.11.13 
"...One huge rhythm section they may be, but there’s more to the band than low end bludgeon; far more. Original, dynamic and utterly fascinating, their left field take on noise rock drew huge applause." Rush On Rock
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  Album/EP Reviews:

====='Self-titled' EP, CD, 2013 =====

"With a bass that sounds as huge and monstrous as this, who needs a guitar?"
- Lemmy's Beard

"It will be interesting to see where they head next, but Cattle are a rare breed indeed, and the curious amongst us will no doubt find appreciation in this band."
- We Must Obey

"Noise has never come in a finer blistering sonic frenzy" 
- Ringmaster

"The songs reverberate with a heavy fuzz and leave you feeling rattled while you are covered in a thick and murky sludge"
- Heavy Planet

"Judder-beast riffs suddenly leap out of nowhere and scream with life and fury and primordial power, like Picasso hurling paint at a canvas."
- Trebuchet Magazine

"If you like a descent into madness via the Leeds ring road, madcap bass and the amalgamated sound of DIY bands from every which where, check Cattle out"
"An oscillating sticky grenade of bass lines, half-screamed vocals, tin can drums and a confident bent."
- Nine Hertz

"A chaotic blend of riff and fucked up carnage."
- The Sludgelord

"A devastating, feedback churning, slab of sludge."
"Cattle’s debut EP is seventeen minutes of pure sludgy, noisy hell."
- American Aftermath

"These men do not play noise and rock; the two blend furiously together in a gut wrenching mix of noise and hardcore."

"This is perhaps one of the finest exponents of noise making this side of Mike Patton's Ipecac label."
- Real Gone Rocks