Cattle cover Gang of Four's "Anthrax"

Cattle were kindly asked by Ferg of Leeds-based DIY label, CHUD Records to contribute to a tape they were putting out in correlation with Cassette Store Day.

"To celebrate the 35th anniversary of its release, CHUD Records have invited some of the most exciting artists from around Yorkshire to cover the seminal Gang of Four album Entertainment in its entirety, creating a track-for-track reinterpretation of this post-punk classic.
The release comes as part of International Cassette Store Day 2014.
All profits from the release will be donated to Cloth Cat, a Yorkshire based charity which provide free music tuition for local people.

1. Ether by Katie Harkin

2. Natural's Not in It by Cowtown

3. Not Great Men by The Pigskin Godhead

4. Damaged Goods by Clean Shirts

5. Return the Gift by The Tahitian Sons

6. Guns Before Butter by Love Buzzard
7. I Found That Essence Rare by GG Glitter

8. Glass by Nervous Twitch

9. Contract by Unwave

10. At Home He's a Tourist by Esper Scout

11. 5.45 by Hank

12. Anthrax by Cattle

Limited to 100 on Cassette only!"

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